Whether you’re looking for a residential or commercial intercom in Brisbane, there’s a lot to know about the options available, such as cost, installation, and audio and video options. You’ll also find some helpful tips to help you choose the best system for your needs.

Video intercom systems

Several multifamily residential communities are adopting video intercom systems to improve the security of their properties. These systems are a great way to prevent package theft from the outside, and allow residents to admit valid delivery persons.

Some systems also offer features such as facial recognition, contact tracing, alternative authorization, and contactless entry. In addition, they can be integrated with CCTV cameras and SIP systems.

The latest systems operate on a cloud-based system that is connected to door controllers and door stations. This technology allows building managers to control multiple property entrances and updates user information in real time from anywhere.

The system can be accessed using a smartphone app or a standard landline. It can also be used to provide a remote entry for tenants.

Audio only (buzzer systems)

Choosing the right intercom system can make or break your bottom line. These systems can be a cost effective way to communicate with your clients and visitors. Some features to look for include HD video, high quality audio, and an indoor unit at each apartment. Some companies even include a doorman or two, and a light in the hallway.

There are a number of intercom companies to choose from. Some of the better known names include Avaya, Ring, and Schlage. If you are looking for the best entry level system, consider a system that offers video conferencing as well. The best ones have an interactive user interface and offer features such as high-quality video, high-definition audio, and interactive voice response. This means you can talk to your guests without even being in the building.

Intercoms can be hardwired or wireless. Hardwired intercoms are usually more expensive. The cost of wiring a Brisbane intercom and access control is also dependent on the distance between the intercom and the property. Wireless systems use radio frequencies or Wi-Fi. The cost of installation for a wireless intercom may be as low as $1,000.

Wireless intercom systems can cover up to 5,000 feet without an extender. However, network issues can arise. If you need to add an extender, you’ll need to pay for new wiring and additional labour.

Commercial intercom systems

Whether you are looking to keep your tenants and visitors safe, or you are looking to improve the efficiency of your business, a commercial intercom system can be the solution you need. In addition to providing peace of mind, commercial intercoms can also help reduce insurance premiums.

Commercial intercom systems are designed to be easy to manage. They can be customized to meet your needs. They can be installed at entrances or throughout your building. They can also integrate with your existing commercial security system.

Some of the best commercial intercoms today feature a cloud-based management system. This allows your administrator to easily update the system from any location. This saves your staff time and hassle. You can also manage your access permissions remotely.

Some of the best commercial intercoms also include a door release mechanism. This allows a tenant to speak with a visitor, then open the door. This is typically in the form of a maglock.